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List Best 4K 60 FPS Camera Phone 2019

Telefony z kamerami obsługującymi 4k i 60 FPS.

The video recording format in 4k is practically standard, even in devices such as cell phones, sport cameras, and car video recorders. When deciding to buy a new phone, we should pay attention to whether it can record not only in 4k, but also in 60 FPS. However, this is not a prerequisite, and not everyone will benefit from it.

Why 60FPS and not 30 FPS?

Standard video playback is 29.7 fps. Why record video in 60 fps? Because it gives more flexibility in working with video material. Recorded material at 60 frames per second provides smoother playback at 29.7 / 30 frames per second. 60 FPS also gives you the ability to create slow-motion movies.

If you decide to record and post-produce 4k video, it’s best to get the most out of it. 60 FPS 4k takes a lot of space, but 5 seconds of this shot can give us up to 12 seconds of good video material (recorded in 60 FPS finally exported to 25 FPS).

This article is not intended to describe the capabilities of 60 FPS or to undermine the actual need for 4k video support. All the more so on the phone, which video quality will always be average.

If someone works with FullHD, 4k video may not be useful. Note, however, that downscaling 4k to FullHD may bring better video quality than recording in FullHD. But will we need it? You have to decide for yourself.

Which phones will I find 4k and 60FPS support for:

Remember, the following list presents phone models whose cameras allow video recording in 4K and 60FPS. The list of models recording in 4k and 30 FPS is much longer and also includes other manufacturers, e.g. SONY, Huawei, etc. Many of these phones also offer ultra slowmotion in 1080p.

P.S. The links below direct you to the Ceneo phone price comparison site. I will be pleased if you click something.

Update: November 2019

Some models are not available in specific markets. The ones that I highlighted on the list may not be available in Europe or Poland. Some phones do not offer 4k 60FPS video recording, but it is possible that they will receive this option.

Google Pixel 4 can record 4k60FPS but doesn’t. Google withdrew this option although it was planned. Some even thought that the Open Camera app would bypass the block – it’s fake news. It is possible that Google is afraid of working temperature or battery performance. I leave this model on the list, because it may turn out that there will be some update soon and the 4k 60 fps option will come back. At the moment, Google Pixel 4 offers 4k video at 30 FPS.

The second model on the list is LG G7 ThinQ. This model can record video in 60 FPS at a resolution of 4k thanks to the 2018 update that appeared on the Korean market. The problem is that I have not found any information about this update reaching Europe and recording in 60 FPS was possible.

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