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ES File Explorer for Android TV dangerous!

How to Use ES File Explorer

AndroidTV users who have so far willingly installed external applications from .APK files or set up an FTP or cloud connection, e.g. Dropbox will be disappointed. At the beginning of September, ES File Explorer disappeared from the Google Play market.

ES File Explorer is a very popular file management program, it allows you to support many solutions, from file management in the device’s memory, through network connections, FTP, Cloud, e.g. Dropbox because transferring files between devices in the network, e.g. WiFi.

How to Use ES File Explorer

Automatic clicking on ads

For Android TV users, ES File Explorer was one of the best tools for managing files and running applications (AndroidTV Launcher).

It turns out that the program probably had a lot of add-ons installed that Google didn’t like. ES File Explorer, despite being disabled, could remain active to … click on ads displayed inside the application. In theory, it is difficult to find information on the Internet about making ES File Explorer a dangerous application. However, Google decided that not so much dishonest practices against publishers are messy, but also against users who, as it turns out, did not have control over ES File Explorer.

On Google Play for Android and Google Play for Android TV you will no longer find the ES File Explorer application. Is this a big loss? For Android users certainly yes, for Android TV I will only add that the application was terrible to use with the remote control.

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