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How to install Google Chrome on AndroidTV?

The possibility of installing the Google Chrome browser is a privilege that until recently had only TVs with AndroidTV. At present (December 2018) Android TV users have been deprived of it. It is possible that Google, in consultation with TV manufacturers, does everything to discourage users from using the network for dedicated applications. How else to explain disabling the compatibility of the most popular Android browser from the same manufacturer – Google?

If you want to install Google Chrome on your TV, make sure you have AndroidTV. It has most TVs models SONY, SHARP and PHILIPS (the list is much longer).

Since Google Chrome is no longer compatible with Android TV (it is not available on the Google Play TV store, and landlines, in your browser, it shows incompatibility with TVs) you need to download the installation files -. APK files.

Using the sites below, you can download the Google Chrome installation file to your computer’s drive.

  • https://www.apkmirror.com/
  • https://apkpure.com/

In the next steps, the files should be transferred to the TV’s memory, using a memory stick, HDD disk, cloud, eg Google Drive.

The exact process of launching (installing applications from APK files) can be found in a separate article.

Remember that incompatibility also means many other obstacles, such as control problems. Google Chrome users on the TV from Android TV can now forget about the ability to control the browser using a remote control (traditional and tactile). The only solution that will allow you to control the Google Chrome browser on your TV is to have a mouse, keyboard or application, e.g. on your phone, to control the system.

Of course, you can easily replace it with a simple (and popular) application, i.e. Video & TV SideView: Remote, which you download, for example, on the phone.


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